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Windows XP Dial Up Nextwork Setup

1) Go to Windows Control Panel

2) If you are not in category view change to category view.

XP Dial Up 1

3) Click on Network and Internet Connections

4) Choose Set up or change your Internet connection

XP Dial Up 2

5) Click on Setup.

XP Dial Up 3

6) click Next

.XP Dial Up 4

7) Click on Connect to the Internet and then Next.XP Dial Up 7

8) Click on Set up my connection manually and then Next.

9) Click on Connect using a dial-up modem and then Next.

XP Dial Up 5

10) Enter Internet Communications and then Next

.XP Dial Up 8

11) Enter the local phone number.
Portland OR 503-258-7019.
Then click Next.

XP Dial Up 8

12) Enter your user name the "@" and domain at " " and password and then Next.

XP Dial Up 11

13) Click add shortcut if you would like then click Next. You are now setup.

XP Dial Up 12


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